Broadcast video distribution platform to make
the European Council video library available
for the media online.

The European Council brings together the heads of state or government of the European Union and the president of the Commission. It defines the general political guidelines of the European Union.

The decisions taken at the European Council meetings represent a major impetus in defining the general political guidelines of the European Union.

The challenge

With migration and free movement firmly under the media spotlight in May 2011, the EU Council press service required to produce a brand new multimedia platform entirely dedicated to these issues.

The solution

The daily work of the European Council and its Secretary General provide rich news content. A large video library, archives and news is available for journalists and the media in general. The European Council’s goal was to provide the media with better access to their extensive video library of broadcast quality content via the web.

The solution

Eyecone developed a dedicated video distribution platform online for the European Council. The Platform hosts and shares broadcast quality video material, ranging from archives to news packages ready for professional editing

The result

The online video library currently targets and is accessible to all EU and worldwide media, including traditional television broadcasters as well as web media.

The video newsroom has also helped to raise the visibility of the European Council on the web and beyond.

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European Council

Release date:

15 June 2009


  1. CMS Blastmedia Manager
  3. JavaScript
  4. Flash/H264
  5. PHP

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