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Good Year is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.
It makes tires for cars, airplanes and trucks.

The challenge

Good Year commissioned Eyecone to produce and distribute online various video news releases (VNR) to the press on the results of their new survey about the road safety importance of picking the right tires for the right conditions. Good Year’s target audience was the EU and worldwide media: traditional television broadcasters and web media.

The solution

Eyecone produced four video news releases including interviews of key specialists and R&D experts, illustrative pictures of demonstration exercises on circuits of tire testing. Conditions like wet handling and braking, winter tires, tire maintenance or run on flat tires workshops were organised to collect and edit relevant and timely rich video packages that were newsworthy for media.

Eyecone also produced two short video clips with commentary on the importance of winter tires. >/p>

The result

Eyecone created a valuable and accurate source of video illustrations on the importance of the quality of tires around winter time which was made directly available to the broadcast and the webcast media. The online distribution of the video packages online reinforced external communication efforts to media professionals and broadcasters. The shorter clips have been used for the Goodyear global website and, in particular, social networks.

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Good Year Europe

Release date:

28 October 2010


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