FRONT END - Our goal is to build dynamic newsroom and multimedia websites that enable companies to communicate effectively. It is design to provide easy-to-access media content for professional’s journalists, for citizens, for bloggers and social media influencers.

Online Newsroom

An Online Newsroom is a website in a sense it is a tool for journalist to go and get information about your organization. It is a central media center to offer content and information on your news.

Essential Online Newsroom features include key contacts, background information and material, news releases, visuals like video clips in webcast and broadcast formats, photographs and logos in high-resolution, audio clips for radio journalists, news coverage and VNRs (Video News Releases), Executive biographies, press kit, financial information, articles and Whitepaper…

We build customized online newsroom, easy-to-use and aimed to maximize your communication impact.

Web TV

We develop creative solutions for a varied list of clients and business partners to reach their audiences and objectives. We create customized web TV with your branded style and colours integrated.

Multimedia Knowledge Centre

A Multimedia Knowledge Centre is a large and diverse information hub of your company. It is arranged according to client needs within each vertical sector. It is design to give immediate and unlimited access to your information and multimedia data, press releases, reports, briefs, profiles and interactive models, as well as the latest updates and news.

Online Video Platform – Broadcast Video

The web-based distribution solution Blastmedia Manager allows you to publish your video online, in webcast and/or broadcast quality. It includes previews, selecting and delivering of videos & multimedia on your web and mobile pages.

Key features include:

> Online access to all video & multimedia assets – Cataloging and archiving your content using the Content Management System;
> Embed branded player;
> Front end in multiple languages;
> Multimedia delivering and download;
> From webcast to broadcast video format - HRes files & LRes files;
> Delivery via direct download or restricted access;
> CDN delivery;
> Tracking & reporting of downloads and users;

Web Mobile & Smartphone

Blastmedia Manager supports delivery to Web, mobile Web and Smartphone’s.